The The Interaction of Low-Energy Electrons with D-Ribose Molecules

  • Ирина Вячеславовна Чернышова Институт электронной физики НАН Украины


Abstract–Using a hypocycloidal electronic spectrometer, the interactions of low-energy electrons (<20 eV) with D-ribose molecules, namely, electron scattering and dissociative attachment, are studied. The results of these studies showed that the fragmentation of D-ribose molecules occurs effectively even at an electron energy close to zero. as well as in the energy range 5.50–9.50 eV. In the total cross section of electron scattering by molecules, resonance features at energies of 5.00–9.00 eV in the region of formation of ionic fragments C3H4O2, C2H3O2, OH, associated with the destruction of molecular heterocycles, were experimentally discovered for the first time. The correlation of the features observed in the scattering and dissociative electron attachment cross sections is analyzed.