Variability of GRBs with known redshifts detected by Konus-Wind

  • Валерия Алексеевна Иванова Физико-технический институт имени А. Ф. Иоффе РАН
  • Цветкова Анастасия Евгеньевна ФТИ им. Иоффе


Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are the most luminous transient phenomena in the Universe detected in the gamma-rays. They last from tens of milliseconds to several hours in the energy range from tens of keV to MeV and beyond. The estimates of the light curve variabilities can shed light on the GRB central engine and emission mechanisms. In this work, the light curve variability of GRBs with known redshifts detected by Konus-Wind is computed using two techniques: Fenimore, Ramirez-Ruiz (2000) and Reichart et al. (2001). Moreover, a tight correlation between the variability and other GRB parameters could allow using GRBs as standard candles. Thus, we studied the correlations of the computed variabilities with other GRB parameters in the rest frame of the GRB source.

Астрономия и астрофизика